This extremely beautiful mediaeval town has succeeded in preserving its own distinctive characteristics over the centuries. Walking through the streets of Monsaraz is like going back in time, for it is a truly unique place where one can find all the peace and tranquility that have been forgotten by the modern era.

The most immediate visual impression in the town is that of the whitewash and stone of its houses and buildings. Every year, throughout the month of July, Monsaraz becomes an open-air museum, affording visitors the opportunity to get to know more about the customs and habits used in the production of Alentejo handicraft, appreciate the delights of the regional cuisine and enjoy the various cultural events that are held there, including music, theatre, dance and art exhibitions.

As far as the town's architectural heritage is concerned, the highlights are the mediaeval castle and keep, the former court building (built between the fourteenth and the sixteenth centuries) and the parish church of Nossa Senhora da Lagoa (dating from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries).

For those who seek to just enjoy a wonderful day in the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere of Alentejo, enjoying a glass of special wine surrounded by a stunning landscape, or for those wishing to learn more about the wines of the “Best Wine Region to Visit” according to the travel website of the American newspaper USA Today, the wine region of Reguengos de Monsaraz is the perfect destination.From the grape to the glass there are countless techniques and experiences that we can learn in the wine region of Reguengos de Monsaraz. From the deep knowledge of the characteristics of the soil and climate of the region and the selection of vine varieties to be able to create the idealized wine, to the planting techniques, the treatment of vineyards, irrigation, traditional or mechanical harvest, evaluation of the grapes (sugar and acidity), stem and fermentation and filtration to which this nectar is subject. Afterwards it’s the beginning of the aging stages in oak barrels, jars or clay amphoras – for special wines – for subsequent bottling and possible aging in the bottle, without forgetting the wine tasting and all its rituals, from the most suitable type of glass to the way the bottle is opened and the preparation of the wine to be served, evaluating its texture, colour and aroma. All of this finally offers an explosion of some of the most unique flavours in the world while tasting some of the best wines in the world.
Among the wine leaves, cellars and vats, all these experiences are part of the history and culture of the ancient town of Reguengos de Monsaraz, where the vines are interrupted by megalithic monuments, hermitages and military structures of yesteryear. Together with the boutique wineries, unique rural tourism units, excellent restaurants and outstanding wine, this is the wine tourism in Reguengos de Monsaraz.

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Visit the Castle of Monsaraz

This is undoubtedly the king of Monsaraz,the highlight of your visit to this medieval village. The view from up there is superb, great, magnificent, there are no adjectives that can describe it! Do the complete tour and go up each tower to see the village and surroundings in a great 360º view. No doubt this is one of the castles of Portugal with a better view.

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Dark Sky Alqueva

A guided visit to the magnificent starry sky at night of Monsaraz, where you can learn how to find your bearing through the Polar Star, to identify the constellations and to know the attached legends, to relate the colour of the stars to its temperatures, to observe star clusters, nebulae and distant galaxies with the help of telescopes. The explanations are done in accessible language by the guides from any local.
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Boat Sailing in the Alqueva Lake

In the Monsaraz fluvial beach you can enjoy several nautical sports in the Alqueva; paddle, canoeing, floats, wakeboard… it is a big list. You must not miss sailing to the golden island. An island in the middle of the Alqueva with clear water, a well-guarded pearl of the Alentejo.

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Cromlech of Xarez

This megalithic monument was built between the beginning of the 4th and middle of the 3rd millennium B.C. and was transferred in 2004 due to the construction of the Alqueva Dam. It is constituted by 50 granite menhirs with heights varying from 1,20 to 1,50 m. Being one of the few cromlechs that exist in Portugal, this is a not to be missed visit to Monsaraz. The access is quite easy and you can get there by car.

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