Wine pairs with… Literature

Books are stories, memories, recollections, but they are also ideas and new worlds, trips of the imagination that carry readers to places far from their day-to-day life.

Choose to know Portugal in a literary tour and discover the inland landscapes, the small villages and cities where Portuguese writers found the ideal atmosphere to feel the human soul.

As a starting point, choose Writers' Houses to set your course and discover other stories about the places you visit. If you’d rather, you can opt for a Literary Tour that will take you on a more personalized guided tour, based on the life and work of Portuguese writers. Many of the tourist itineraries include places with distinctive environments for those who love books and therefore cannot be missed when they visit Portugal, such as some reference bookstores, hundreds of years old, and old libraries.

Find your ideal place, choose a Portuguese wine and a book and enjoy one of the most simple and small pleasures in life.

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