Wine pairs with… Heritage

In Portugal, culture and heritage have unique characteristics stemming from historical events and the outlook of a people who, as they learned from the rest of the world, adapted this new knowledge to their way of living and their land.

UNESCO has already granted World Heritage status to 25 cases, including historic centres, archaeological sites, cultural landscapes, natural parks and intangible heritage. These

Portuguese contributions to world history are unmissable and the perfect excuse to know the country from north to south.

You’ll realise what these features are that make up the Portuguese character in cities, monuments and landscapes, which in their own way also tell a part of the history of the world. Some cultural traditions in Portugal are related to the wine production, and that’s why we highlight two World Heritage sites in Portugal:

Alto Douro Wine Region

The vines that produce the famous Port Wine grow in the majestic River Douro valley, the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. Its characteristics and the work of Man who has fashioned the valley into terraces over the course of many centuries have transformed it into a unique landscape of exceptional beauty. More information at

Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture, Azores

On Pico Island, you will find a remarkable example of volcanic rocky soil, seemingly barren, in an extraordinary viniculture landscape. The hills sloping down to the sea, marked by a grid of black stone walls separating the vineyards, attest to the work of generations of small farmers who tamed a hostile environment, creating their own way of life and a wine of great quality. More information at