For a better Planet, a better Tourism

Based on the most recent tourism strategy these times have brought new challenges but also a new path. A path for a future that not only is right, but it is also for the best, for a better planet.

Where does the path start? By preparing the country for a more sustainable offer, having in mind some best practices and principles:

  • Adapting the offer to new consumer trends
  • Supporting businesses to become more sustainable and accessible
  • Protecting places more vulnerable to climate change
  • Encouraging reduction in plastic use
  • Making waste reduction a common practice in restaurants
  • Promoting energy and water efficiency as well as carbon neutrality
  • Reinforcing safety
  • Stimulating innovation
  • Encouraging social responsibility
  • Reducing inequalities

How do we do this path for all? By encouraging, learning, promoting and rewarding, and being people oriented.